Sleeping with Vader

Sleeping with Vader

What are the breaking points that can cause one partner to end a relationship?  Sometimes those factors can be major such as cheating or abuse.  In certain random cases, it can just be a situation that one reaches a point where no matter how good things are, there is one particular annoyance that can not go unnoticed.  I believe we all seek out relationships that we feel will be beneficial to our well-being.  However, there are obstacles that may present themselves during the relationship that may seem small at first glance, but can cause us to take a look at the big picture which leads to the determining factor in ending a relationship.  Here is one situation I found myself in and the unfortunate scenario that caused me to take a step back to evaluate the importance of a good night’s sleep.

It had been two months since my date with someone’s mom and the Asian Cole Slaw episode.  I was dating a woman who I had met through a friend from work.  Everything was going well until it came time in our relationship where we had decided to start spending the night at each other’s place on the weekends that my daughter was with her mom.  So after a nice dinner one Saturday night, we went back to my place for a night-cap of wine drinking and watching SNL.  She was getting tired and I suggested that she stay the night.

An hour into sleeping, I am awoke by what sounds like a bear choking on a bone.  I soon come to realize that the sounds are coming from my bed mate.  How is this possible?  I had no idea a woman could snore this loud.  For the next twenty minutes, I am trying to get her to roll over, but I soon find out that doesn’t fix the problem.  She is knocked out, thanks to the three glasses of Riesling she consumed.

The noises seem to get louder and the choking sounds have now risen to a level that I am concerned she is not breathing.  I finally get her to wake up and she asks if she was snoring.  I told her I think she was either snoring or dying, not sure.  She apologizes and asks if she wants me to leave.  What am I going to say? Being the nice guy, I tell her to not worry about it.  I tell myself that she is probably snoring due to the wine.  Yeah, that makes sense.

For the next two hours, I am unable to sleep due to the ferocious sounds coming from this woman.  I finally go into my daughter’s room and sleep in her bed.  The next morning, I tease her about the snoring as I cook us breakfast.  She apologizes and tells me that she has been told that she snores from time to time.  I didn’t want to go into the depth of the snoring sounds with her so I changed the subject since I could tell she as getting embarrassed.  Hopefully, I just caught her on one of those random nights.

In two weeks, I find myself at her place after going out for a dinner and a movie.  She asks me to stay the night and I am hesitant at first, but realize that she had not drank any wine that evening.  There should be no snoring, right?

In the middle of the night, I am awoke by the sound of what I think is a vacuum cleaner.  I pop up and look around, trying to locate this mysterious sound.  I look over and the girl that I had been dating has some contraption on her head with a mask over her face and a tube coming from her mouth to some machine.  What the hell?  Great, I am sleeping with Darth Vader.  The rest of the night, I toss and turn in the bed unable to sleep.  I want to leave, but that would be rude.  I am not at my place so sleeping in another room would be weird.

The next morning, I am wore out from not getting any sleep.  I am cranky and ask about the mask.  She tells me that it is a CPAP Mask and that she had been tested for sleep apnea.  Her doctor suggests that she slept with it on to make sure she was breathing properly.  This explains why she snored so loud two weekends ago at my place.  She was embarrassed to tell me and thought I would get more sleep with it on than with her snoring.  Nope, it didn’t help at all.  As a matter of fact, I think I prefer the look of a snoring woman than a masked villain.

After getting some sleep at my place, I spend the rest of the day thinking about how I can overcome this obstacle.  I like this girl during the day, but if we can’t sleep together, the future of our relationship looks dim.  I call her to discuss my concerns of not being able to sleep in the same bed with her due to the snoring or the humming sounds of the CPAP Mask.  The only option that we can come up with is to sleep in separate rooms when spending the nights at each other’s place.  That makes no sense if our relationship is going to grow, I have no time for that.

She was mad at me because I was making such a big deal about not getting any sleep when I should just appreciate the time we spend together.  I get that, but if we can’t sleep together, this relationship won’t last.  Unfortunately, we agreed to end our relationship.  I was mad, how can snoring wreck a relationship?  Was I being irrational on the importance of a good night’s sleep?  What would you do?



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  1. ME says:

    You should try sleeping with your brother 🙂
    We solved the problem with the great earplugs he brings me from work!!

    • admin says:

      Sleeping with my brother is not a good vision for me, lol. Glad you were able to resolve the loud snoring with earplugs. I guess I should have asked him for a pair, lol.

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