Me, You and Da Vinci?

Me, You and Da Vinci?

I finally recovered from being put in a closet and was ready to get back online to find a dating partner without a crazy ex.  While searching for potential dating candidates, I came across an attractive blonde with a profile name called “Meandyou”.  I decided to fire off an email and let her know that I enjoyed reading her profile and would be interested in learning more about her.  She responded back and said that she also enjoyed reading my profile.  Soon there after, we were talking on the phone, laughing about some of the strange profiles we had seen on the site.  She loved my “In the Closet” story of my first post-divorce date.

The following months were filled with going dancing, dinners, movies and watching our favorite college football team.  Things seemed to be going well and I was happy that I found someone that I enjoyed spending time with.  We were in the habit of talking with each other a few times a day, mostly to discuss the problems at her workplace.  One particular weekday, we had talked once in the morning and again mid-afternoon about how much she hates her job.  This conversation was one we had many times in the past and I was at a point that she either needed to find a new job or deal with it.

That night, I got home late from a long day at work and realized that I had a movie that was due back the following day.  It was one that I had been really wanting to see since there was so much hype around the book and movie.  The name of the movie was “The Da Vinci Code.”  I start the movie and my phone rings within the first 10 minutes.  I look down to see who it was and it was her.  Do I answer it and listen to a repeat of what I had heard earlier or should I ignore it and call her back later?  I chose to ignore it and would call back after the movie.  I mean, surely she wouldn’t be mad, we had already spoke twice that day.

After an hour of the movie being on, there is a knock on my door.  The knocking sound scared the hell out of me because the movie was starting to get intense and I had decided to watch it in the dark.  So with all of my lights out, I decided to look out the window to see who it was.  I noticed a Honda Accord in my driveway, it was her car.  What was she doing here, showing up unannounced?

I go to my front door and turn on the porch lights.  As soon as I open the door, I am met with a barrage of questions like: “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”; “Why are your lights out?”; “Is there somebody here with you?”  I asked her what she is doing here.  She says that she was concerned when I didn’t answer my phone and thought maybe I was with another girl.  I was shocked and confused, I had never given her any reason to not trust me.  Up until this point, our relationship had been solid and filled with good times.

I explained to her that I had rented a movie early in the week and had not had time to watch it.  She does not believe me, so I tell her to walk around my house to see if there is anyone else here.  To my displeasure, she decides to take a tour of my house to see if I am by myself.  At this point, I am pissed.  Here we had spent the past few months enjoying each other’s company and talking on the phone multiple times a day.

She ended up staying the night and while we were in bed, she mentions that there was something that she needed to share with me.  She starts telling about her failed marriage and of the abuse that her ex-husband had put her through.  Not only did he physically and mentally abuse her, but he cheated on her with one of her friends.  This is what led to her overreacting about me not answering my phone.  I decide to give her the benefit of the doubt and just figured she was having a bad day.

The next morning, I wake up and realize that she is not in the bed with me.  I walk out of my bedroom and go into the kitchen.  She is leaning over my kitchen counter with my cell phone in her hands.  It appears that she is looking for text messages and phone numbers to see if I had been communicating with another woman.  When I ask what she is doing, she fumbles my phone and makes up some excuse of looking at photos on my phone.  Now I am concerned and tell her that I don’t appreciate her going thru my phone without asking me.

I tell her that I think it is best that she leaves.  After she leaves, all I can think about is what the hell just happened?  I thought I had met a nice girl who I had enjoyed dating.  Now I am questioning everything and don’t feel good about her reaction to me not answering one of her phone calls.  Will it always be like this or was this just a one time thing?

My day is filled with her sending me texts apologizing for accusing me of cheating on her.  By the time I receive the fourth text I am tired of the apologies and decide to have a little fun with her.  I reply back with “Who is this?”  This apparently sends her into a fury and she fires off two quick responses of “What?” and “I knew you were seeing someone else.”  I give her a call and the tone in her voice when she answers is not pleasant.  I told her that I was just kidding and can’t believe what had transpired in the past 24 hours.  I explain that I am disappointed and that I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t trust me.

Unfortunately, I had to make the decision to end the relationship.  I was so disappointed and confused, why didn’t I see this coming?  What caused her to react the way she did?  This experience had taught me that some people will continue to struggle with trust regardless of their situation.  Damn you, Da Vinci!






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  1. Rammer says:

    Sounds like someone had some abandonment issues….

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