My Dating Experience

My Dating Experience

Have you ever been on a date and what happens next is just so unbelievable you have to tell someone!  Well this is my story…

I am a single father who has tried several ways to meet that special person to develop a rewarding relationship.  Throughout the years of trying to meet, “Mrs. Right”, I have been in some unbelievable experiences.  While sharing my experiences with family and friends, I was told that I should write a book.  I decided that a blog would be the best way to share the challenges that a divorced father faces in trying to re-enter the dating world.

I hope that my stories not only amuse you, but also provide insight on the struggles of dating in the 21st Century.  I am not here to bash any of the ladies that I have met over the past eight years and realize that the majority of single adults have some sort of baggage.  I have come to the realization that it is how you decide to let that baggage control your life.  I have chosen to not mention any names in order to protect the privacy of these ladies.

Throughout the years, I have been relieved to find out that many other single people have witnessed similar circumstances when trying to find a quality person to date.  My thoughts were if I am not the only one then maybe other single people will relate to this blog.  I want people to not only enjoy my stories, but share their situations so that maybe we can figure out how to conquer the obstacles in the 21st Century world of dating.


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